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Silver Lining

LaTroy Hawkins is an unranked free agent.  Meaning the Yankees won't have to surrender any draft picks to sign him.

Viz is a type B, so the Yankees get a supplemental first round draft pick.

To the best of my knowledge Cashman has not given up any draft picks since his gambit in 2005.

Pettitte and Clemens weren't offered arbitration by the Astros last year, and Farnsworth's signing was offset by the departure of Tom Gordon.

It may seem a small point, but compared to the 2002 draft when the Yankees' first three picks were #71, #126, and #156 (rounds 2, 4 and 5) it represents a shift in the organizational philosophy and an attention to detail that's easy to overlook beside the blustering of Li'l Stein.