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Yanks should target Miguel Tejada

I was going to write a piece this morning why I believe Miguel Tejada would be the best third base option for the Yanks next season.

However, I got sidetracked for a few hours and came back to see that Ben K. over at River Ave Blues beat me to the punch and did a very good job of explaining my position for me.  

There is also speculation that a package deal could involve Kyle Farnsworth being shipped to Baltimore to boot.  That's just icing on the cake if Cashman can make it happen.

In my estimation, trading for Tejada and moving him to third base makes the most sense.  He desperately wants out of Baltimore, his contract is reasonable at 2yrs/$26M, and he is still relatively young at just 31 years old.

The guy comes to play everyday and has never had any heath issues in the past.  His contract expires in two years and they can go in another direction if better third base options become available at that time.

Miguel Cabrera is essentially off the table because the Marlins will demand too much young talent in return and Hank Steinbrenner has already stated they will not part with any member of the Trinity for him.

If Cashman can make a reasonable deal for Tejada, I say he should jump at the opportunity.  He could do a lot worse to fill the vacancy left by A-Rod and most definitely will if he elects to go with Joe Crede, Wilson Betemit, or Scott Rolen instead.