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Bronx Bound: Worm Killer, Jr.

Gardner 1/4, SB (14)
Miranda 2/4, 1K
Corona 0/3, 1BB

Jackson 2IP, 2H, 2R, 1B, 3K.

Miranda 1/3, 1BB

Ohlendorf 1IP 1H 1R 1BB

Gardner now has more SB (14) than Ks (13), all in 19 games.  I hope I'm wrong about what a bad sign it is that he has 29 hits and 27 of them are singles.

Miranda is now hitting .296/.427/.535 in 20 games (71 ABs)- a huge leap from the .265/.350/.471 he posted in 122 games (446 ABs) in A and AA this season.
I agree with his fans that it is possible he is finally shaking off the rust of more than a year not playing pro ball following his defection from Cuba.
But, while I don't care about Ks very much either way in big leaguers, for minor leaguers the inability to make contact does not bode well for their future.
17 Ks in 20 games, 106 Ks in 122 games.

Jackson came into a 1-3 ball game, and walked the first batter.  Worse, he got ahead of the guy 1-2 and then walked him on 3 straight pitches.  A groundout moved the guy over, a double brought him home.  A stolen base and a single made it 5-1, and the Javelinas' offense couldn't climb out of the hole.
Jackson retired the side in order in his second inning of work.

I'm not giving up on him entirely, (18Ks against only 5BB in 13 innings) but he's only had 2 scoreless outings.  Granted, these are the best hitters in the minors, but there's a reason they're not in the majors.

Ohlendorf is learning a splitter to compliment his sinker and slider.  He got ahead of the first batter 1-2 and threw 3 straight balls, all of them low.
Ohlendorf stayed down in the zone to the next hitter, got a groundball, but found a hole for a single.
The next batter hit a grounder to the secondbaseman- with no shot at the DP, he took the out at first.  One down.
The next batter grounds out, shortstop to first (no one on first, so no DP).
The fifth batter flew out to shallow centerfield.

3 grounders, 1 fly, 1 walk.  95 MPH sinker- It's going to be like having Wang come out of the bullpen.