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Keep the Phone Lines Open

(No, not that one).

I want to follow up on tidbit that fell from Ken Rosenthal's always bountiful plate:

Meanwhile, the Yankees could trade Melky Cabrera even if they do not include him in a deal for Santana; several clubs are showing interest in Cabrera, including -- presumably -- the Braves, who tried to acquire him last off-season. If the Yankees trade Cabrera, they could pursue a short-term center fielder rather than move Johnny Damon back to center. They will need strong defense to support their young pitchers.

The Braves have been rumored to have interest in Melky before- we all remember that Pirates/Braves/Yanks trade that never happened last offseason?

Well this time the Braves have what we want: a young, talented relief pitcher.

Soriano is in his final year of arbitration before free agency.  On the other hand, Melky has another year at league minimum before arbitration begins.

Or, at least, that's the logic I keep trying to use on myself.

But you have to give value to get value, and in a market when Andruw Jones figures to bring in an 8 figure multi-year deal, Melky Cabrera has value.

If Melky can't bring back something of use to the Yankees, perhaps he could bring back a couple of players the Twins or A's would like to have.

It's worth pointing out that, if he comes to camp healthy, Damon is better at tracking fly balls.  I'm not as opposed as some to seeing him back in center.

Another option would be to try packaging a couple of our mediocre MLB ready starting pitchers (Rasner, Karstens, Igawa, DeSalvo) for a defense only center fielder like Endy Chavez.  You know, I've heard the Mets are in the market for a pitcher...