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Santana Likes NY

John Heyman:

 Santana has a full no-trade clause and can control where he goes. Word is, he has interest in New York, but the Red Sox, Dodgers and Angels have to be considered attractive options.

While talks are said to be in the preliminary stages, there could be the makings for a deal with the Yankees.

Heyman said on WFAN that the Twins seem content on a three player deal from the Yanks and talked as if the deal is about done. That kinda makes me nervous. It seems way too easy. I have a feeling that outside of Hughes or IPK, (I'd rather keep Hughes at this point) the other parts will be somewhat different than we think---or---Minny is using the Yanks and looking elsewhere.

If I'm Cashman, I'd like to have a chat with Billy Beane about Danny Haren. He only posted a 15-9 record and a 3.07 ERA with the hapless A's. However, Santana is much better and I haven't seen much in print yet about what the A's asking price will be.

Mark Feinsand thinks the Yanks shouldn't trade Hughes for Johan:

If I were the Yankees, I wouldn't make the deal. I know it sounds crazy not to want to add a 28-year-old stud ace lefthander, but the price is simply too high. Dealing Hughes, who has been projected as a top of the rotation guy, is silly. Keep him, and use the $25 million a year to add pitching some other way.

What pitching is Mark talking about? Santana will go somewhere and I don't see too many more Beckett/Boston deals happening again for a long time with the changing financial dynamic in the MLB. The chance for a true #1 via free agency is very remote in the foreseeable future.

If Melky goes in a deal then the Bombers need to find a center fielder. One thing is for sure, the Yanks definitely won't make Johnny Damon their go to guy in center. If I'm Aaron Rowand, I wait till after the Winter Meetings before I make a decision. If the Yanks do pull off a move then he stands to make more money off of it than almost any other free agent with the Yanks in the hunt. If they stand pat, there's still Texas, Dodgers and at least KC in need of his services...