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Because I Know I Shall Not Know

Let's try this "thinking" thing one more time.

Jesse, our blogging brother over at Twinkie Town, proposes an interesting package of Dodgers for Johann Santana.

Pick Two AND Pick One -OR- Pick Two

From the buffet line I'll have Young, LaRoche and Ethier, please...

That pretty clearly trumps anything the Yankees should be willing to throw out there.
While I'd take Kershaw, Kemp, Billingsley in that package, Jesse knows what his team needs.

But it looks like the Dodgers have their eyes on a certain Floridian third baseman.

The Marlins want both outfielder Matt Kemp and Class AA left-hander Clayton Kershaw included in a four-player package from the Dodgers.
The Dodgers clearly want to make a big splash to correspond with the Torre signing. The NL West figures to be as up for grabs as any division in baseball. Adding only a couple wins at the expense of their division rivals could bring a division title to LA.

The Dodgers not only have the prospects to make both deals happen, and they also have the revenue to move Juan Pierre into left field and sign one of the free agent center fielders. Then they only have to fill right field, either by moving Garciaparra or Loney or by signing a Bobby Kielty type player.

For the Yanks to get a crack at Santana we have to hope that the Dodgers pull of the Cabrera trade (this also keeps him away from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in Southern California of the United States in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth). Then the Dodgers need to decide that they'd rather hold onto what's left of their farm system.

This would give the Yankees an outside shot at Santana, though I still expect some other team to swoop in and pay the king's ransom the Yankees must not be willing to pay.