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What's up with this Lowell offer?

Four years between 55-60 million dollars. WHDH:

A source close to the Lowell side of the negotiations tells 7Sports that each offer is a 4-year contract, worth between $55-60 million. The Yankees offer includes a request that Lowell play First Base, something the Gold-Glove-winning third baseman does not want to do.

I could understand if he was a consistent 30-35HR guy ala Paul Konerko, (I love Konerko at 1B, but Chicago wouldn't give him up.) but outside of Fenway, he was a .276 hitter with 7 HR's last year. I've heard that they could possibly just be tweaking the Nation, but that's absurd. The Yanks do need a big bat after ARod, (Matsui doesn't cut it) but Mike is not that bat and he's not a spring chicken either.