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Another Crazy Idea...

Ok, sometimes I have crazy ideas. I admit it.

Talking with Edwantsacracker and cbeck at last night's 'Cuse game, cbeck tossed out Eric Gagne's name as a potential member of the Yanks' 2008 pen, I mentally filed it in the "Too Crazy" category.

But today I read Keith Law's take:

His fastball was plus at 92-94 mph but mostly straight, and his "Vulcan" changeup (also known as a split-change) was still plus at 82-85 with both fade (away from a left-handed hitter) and tumble. His fastball command was not good, and he overused it, going to it in obvious changeup counts and throwing enough fastballs in succession for hitters to time it. The command isn't predictable, but the pitching plan can be fixed.
What if Gagne's problem was a disagreement with Varitek over pitch selection?

Now, I know Mr. I'm Only Tough When Wearing My Facemask has a great reputation for handling pitchers. But frankly, even if he is the best (I doubt it), he's bound to have trouble with somebody.

As bad as Gagne was, his line for the season was 52IP, 49H, 21BB, 51K, 3HR. He's be 32 next season and is a class B free agent.
Our other class B option, Viz, threw 75.1IP, 66H, 43BB, 62K, 6HR, and he's two years older than Gagne.

Gagne will probably go after a closing gig, but if I could chose between Viz for 3 million or Gagne for 5, I'd chose Gagne.

On a related note, if I'm Brian Cashman I've talked to Joe Girardi and set down very strict rules about how relievers will be used.