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Posada: "My heart is with the Yankees"

NY Daily News: Jorge Posada tells us that he wants to come back to the Yanks.

Jorge Posada said last night he believes he and the Yankees are "really close" to a contract agreement that would keep the five-time All-Star catcher in pinstripes, his first choice.

"Right now it's up in the air, but the chances are good," Posada told reporters at halftime of the Knicks-Heat game at the Garden. "It's not about the money, it's about the situation. First priority, stay with the Yankees. My heart is with the Yankees, so hopefully we'll get something done."

The Yanks need to seal the deal on Jorge and get him in the fold. it looks like the Mets will come in with a big offer. Next up: Mariano! Oh, and what a horrible Knick game Posada saw. Dolan is a nut for keeping Thomas as the coach, but that's another story.