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Now: Do It Again

Due to flight delays I was able to catch a few innings of the game from the Atlanta airport bar.
I sat down just as Phil Franchise trotted in to save our season. I may never get tired of watching that curve drop.

I think Joe and Cash will talk for a long time tonight and tomorrow about whether Joba can throw 20 pitches.
He threw 38 pitches tonight, his most since being called up.
I'm torn about this one because I understand Joba's value, but the Joba Rules were largely about protecting him from extended overuse when we hadn't earned a playoff spot. I think that if there's a night he should be available, it's tomorrow.

I just have to trust Torre and Cash to do the right (and hopefully not tell the media if they decide t rest him).

I don't start Giambi with Wang pitching.

Mo had better plan on pitching the 8th and 9th.