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Other bad Torre moves

In the 8th inning, Torre said this about Joba during the bug attack:

Torre: I'll tell you one thing about the kid, he never lost his composure, which is something that obviously was unusual and certainly didn't panic in any way.

Wrong. He walked the lead off hitter on four pitches, gave up a screaming line drive to Hafner, threw two wild pitches to tie the score and hit a batter. I'd say he did lose his composure.

*Why did Joe allow the Indians MVP to even bat against Joba with the tying run on third? He had a base open anyway so he should have walked him to get to Garko. Instead...Joba throws his last wild pitch. Rivera intentionally walked Victor in the tenth so why not do the same with Chamberlain?

*Joe should have brought in Rivera for the final out of the 8th since the kid clearly was having problems which is a move he does all the time.

Also, Curtis Granderson said that Detroit faced the same bug problem in Cleveland and the only thing you can do is use towels to wipe the moisture off. The bug spray only attracts them to you. I didn't see Carmona or any of their players get hosed down with the stuff. (As far as TBS's coverage showed)  Did Cleveland play the Yanks on that one?

*The fans at the stadium should boo the umps all game...hehe