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I'm getting sick and tired of people blaming Rivera for ARod's post season failures

I have audio of Scott Boras trying to blame ARod's horrible playoff run with the Yanks on Rivera because if Mo would have only gotten that save in game four against Boston, the Yanks would have went to the series against the Cardinals and there would be no mention of ARod's bad performances.

Yea, Mo walked a batter and blew the save. Big deal. It happens. When a pitcher gets as many chances as Mariano does in the post season, the opposing team is going to come through once in a great while. The Yanks could have won that game in extra innings and should have taken one more game in the next three. Where was ARod, Sheffield and Matsui?

Chris Russo has been using that same excuse on WFAN. Please give it a rest. After the whole team had a fast start against Boston, ARod had four more games against The Nation in '04, five games against the Angels in '05, four games against Detroit in '06, and four games against Cleveland in '07. What happened?