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Bad News That May Be for the Best

Kevin Whelan was pitching in the AFL, but has been shut down because of a sore arm.

PinstripesPlus has the scoop (paywall):

"Obviously I was a little disappointed but it was probably for the better," Whelan admitted.  "In my first outing it felt good, but in my next two outs after that I kind of felt it.  I iddn't feel like I was one-hundred percent."

Whelan gave up 5 hits and 4 walks in his 3 innings. He will be in Tampa later this week for some tests just to be on the safe side.

He threw a career high 82.1 innings moving from A to AA.  I figure he'll be on the short list of AAA players available to help the pen mid-season.

Since he was only going to pitch another couple of weeks (AFL Championship is on Nov. 17th) this is not a major setback.