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Bronx Bound: At Least Someone Had a Laugh Today

Javelinas- 20, China- 4 (game called after the top of the 7th for the mercy rule. No joke).

Gardner 3-5, 2 SB
Miranda 0-2, 1 BB 1K (of course)
Corona 0-3, 1K

White 2.0IP 2H 1R 1BB (and this lowered his ERA to 10.29)

A single by the first batter, moved to second on a ground out. Reegie made a throwing error to put runners on the corners, and then White walked a man to load the bases. Then next batter ground into a double play.

The next inning would have made John Sterling wet himself: Leadoff double, grounder to the right side, and a sac fly.
That's solid, fundamental baseball- the hallmarks of a successful team. And it cut the lead to 16-2. The incredible thing is that White threw 27 pitches and only got one clean swinging strike. One.
A finesse pitcher who can't fool anybody? Add him to the Farnsworth list.