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Torre and Mattingly to the Dodgers?

NY Times:

Two major league officials said yesterday that the Los Angeles Dodgers planned to fire Grady Little as their manager and replace him with Torre, who would make Mattingly a coach on his staff. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity. Yet with another opportunity seeming more and more real, Mattingly was not devastated.

"He was in great spirits," said one of the officials, who spoke with Mattingly after the Yankees had decided on Girardi. "For what happened, he was in great spirits. He's confident. He knows he's good. He knows he'll manage in the big leagues someday."

I wish them both well and hope this happens. I live in LA so it'll be good for Dodger fans since Grady is a horrible manager and in a few years if Girardi fails, (I hope he doesn't) Donnie Baseball could still end up at the helm of the Yankees.