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Bronx Bound: Javelinas v. The United States

Our boys played against the pride of the Red, White and Blue today, and it wasn't pretty.

Brett Gardner: 3-4, BB, 0K, 2 SB (stole second and third, brings him to 9 in 15 games.
Fouled off 4 pitches in an 8 pitch AB for a single in the first inning.  Bunt single to lead off the 7th, with a one run lead.  He followed this by stealing 2nd and 3rd on consecutive batters (one struck out, the next walked).  I can't figure out what the count was when he took off.  Gardner's final AB was his walk, a 7 pitch AB.

Juan Miranda: 0-3, 2BB, 2K (up to 13 Ks in 11 games).
Both Miranda's walks came on 3-2 counts, but both were on pitches that didn't look close.

Reegie Corona: 0-3, BB, 0K, 1SB

Steven White: 2H, 1R, 2K
A mixed day for White.  He only threw 19 of 32 pitches for strikes (59%), but he was never more than a pitch behind any of the 8 batters he faced.  Hard to fault a guy who's allowed 7 earned runs in 5IP for being gun shy.