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Prince Hank Speaks: "Transitional Team"

This is an insane comment to make by Prince Hank:

"I think the most important thing is, whoever we hire, give him a chance. Because he's not getting the '96 Yankees. He's getting a younger team, and for the most part, it's a transition period, so give him a little while."

Is he serious? A 200 million dollar payroll and this is a transitional team? They fired Joe because this was supposed to be the '96 team. And the '96 team was a 2-1 underdog against Atlanta. He probably meant the '98 team and got a little confused. There's a lot of that going around. Of all the arguments that can be made to dump Joe, (there aren't many) this is not one of them.

And I totally disagree with Buster Olney that Joe Girardi will get the job as manager. (h/t anaconda)

The only criterion for the Yankees, as for every team, should be this: Which manager gives us the best possible chance to win? The guess here is that the Yankees will decide Girardi is that guy. We'll see.

I think that Bowa will become the bench coach unless Donnie Baseball has someone else in mind. I have no idea who that would be, but if Mattingly goes a different way then I hope Larry stays on as the 3B coach. I guess we'll find out by Friday.