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Bronx Bound: Game 14

Gardner: 2-5, BB, 0K
Gardner lined out on the 4th pitch to lead off the first, after falling behind 0-2.  He had a bunt single on a 2-0 count in the 3rd.  In the 4th, he grounded out to end the inning.  He singled on the 5th pitch (1-2 count) in the 6th.  He walked on 5 pitches in the 7th.  Finally, he lined out on the first pitch he saw in the 8th.

I like that Gardner is willing to take pitches, especially to lead off a game or when speedy runners are on base (2 different runners stole second while Gardner batted today)- it speaks to his confidence and his eye.
I can't say I'm thrilled that he was bunting up 2-0, but if the infield is back, I can't argue against reaching base.

Do you remember watching Bubba Crosby?  Remember Joe bringing him in to pinch run, and then watching him get picked off?
That's what we're going to get from Gardner, except without the picked off part- dude has stolen 7 bases in 7 tries in the AFL, 39 of 46 (85%) during the regular season, and 123 of 145 (85%) in his pro career to date.  Those are Hendersonian numbers.  I'm not saying he's going to repeat those in the bigs, but I think Gardner on the bench is a more versatile player than we've had the last few years.

Corona 1-4, BB, 0Ks
Reegie managed to get a hit and make two outs on four pitches, walk on another four, and then reach on an error after a 6 pitch AB.

Eric continues get outs with mediocre stuff.
Finesse is not something I'm thrilled to see from a reliever, but I'll take it over this any day.

While he gave up a line drive single to start the 9th, he recovered nicely and has now thrown 3 scoreless innings (22 strikes, 9 balls) since his disastrous introduction to the AFL.  While he's only pitched a single inning in AA, the development of players like Eric hopefully means we can put the days of Brian Bruney walking 37 batters in 50 innings behind us.