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Bronx Bound: Back to Business

My apologies for not keeping you update on the AFL over the weekend. I've graded all the midterms, been to a release party for Turtle Ink Press' latest poetry anthology, and also managed a few hours sleep.

Rather than run you through game recaps of the games I missed, let's have an update on each player's progress.

Details after the jump.

The Hitters

Reegie Corona .208/.296/.417 Reegie only played 35 games in AA this season, so I expected him to struggle in the AFL. This was his first full season at shortstop, and there's only one other shortstop on the Javelinas, so this whole trip is probably about filling out the roster.

Brett Gardner .333/.385/.375 I don't think any Yankee has been better than Gardner. He's shown great consistency, hitting in 10 of 11 games. On the down side he's got 16 hits and 15 of them are singles. But he's showing that he can hit good pitching; expect the 23 year-old to be the first option for replacement outfielder.

Juan Miranda.289/.400/.500 While I've been impressed with Miranda's eye, I have to agree with Chad Jennings in placing Miranda behind Shelley Duncan and Eric Duncan on the depth chart (Jennings and I disagree on the 1 and 2 order). He struck out 106 times in 122 games in A and AA, and 11 times in 10 AFL games. That promises some huge holes in his swing.

The Pitchers

Steve Jackson 10IP, 1.71WHIP, 8Ks I keep reminding myself this is a small sample size, and that Jackson was nothing more than a spot starter anyways. He's had only one appearance when he didn't give up a run, and even then he scattered 3 hits over 2 innings.

Ross Ohlendorf 1IP, 0.00WHIP, 0Ks Ohlendorf was put back on the team after getting a couple weeks off to rest. He recorded three ground outs in his only inning of work thus far.

Kevin Whelan 3IP, 3.00 WHIP, 4K Whelan is still struggling with his control. He's still young, so I'm not saying Brian Bruney yet. I'm not sure whether his AFL experience will determine whether he returns to AA or advances to AAA. I think I'd rather see him in Trenton (or better yet, in Tampa with Nardi Contreras).

Steven White 3IP, 2.33WHIP, 4Ks What's that sound? Oh, it's Steven White's ticket out of Scranton going through the shredder. He hasn't pitched since last Monday. His control wasn't really there in either of his appearances, and hopefully it's a mechanical problem they're sorting out in the bullpen.

Eric Wordekemper 3IP, 1.67 WHIP, 1K He pitched 43 games in single A, 1 game in AA, and after some understandable jitters in his first AFL experience Wordekemper has sat the side down in order in two straight games. He could be tradebait.