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Indulging in the Irresponsible

I hate the "whisper campaign" that points the finger at certain players and not others.  It generally reduces my ability to enjoy any professional sports, and when I consider that there's no way to test for even a fraction of the Performance Enhancing Drugs these guys take it makes me regret that we ever kept score in the first place.  

This is all steroid conspiracy theory, but Selena Roberts makes some good points.

On the eve of the biggest game of the season, word that Paul Byrd was tied to HGH was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle. Check out Will Carroll for a clear rundown of the story.

George Mitchell is both the head PED investigator and the Director of the Boston Red Sox.

With so many names in the news through whisper campaigns and paper trails, it is essential that George J. Mitchell issue his report on steroids with a complete accounting of anyone in baseball linked to banned substances.

So I ask you, which would hurt the credibility of baseball more: for Mitchell to publish a list of names including Red Sox who were involved in this pennant drive; or, for Mitchell to publish a list of names with no Red Sox at all?