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Expect the cowardly Yankee brass make some moves fast to take the heat off of the way they treated Torre. Look for Mariano and Posada to be offered contracts right away. They should demand more money now since they know the base is pretty pissed. Mo's asking price should start at 40 million for two years at a minimum and Jorge should ask for 45 million over three years.  

I know King George is a big Republican which is no big deal to me when it comes to sports, but the Giuliani at the stadium worship has been really "bugging" me for a while now. I checked Randy Levine's bio and it says:

Before joining Akin Gump, Mr. Levine served as the deputy mayor for economic development, planning and administration for the city of New York, where he coordinated the Giuliani administration's economic development policies.

I've had it with the wall to wall Rudy garbage that goes on in the Bronx. I never bring politics up here, but it's ridiculous. Keep RUDY off my teevee when I'm watching baseball.