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They gotta make the decision soon, right?

This is getting ridiculous already:

Well, it appears that we won't get any decision on Joe Torre's future today, as Howard Rubenstein, the publicist who represents George Steinbrenner, just released the following statement:

"The meetings are adjourned for tonight. There have been no decisions made, nor will there be any comment today. The meetings will resume tomorrow.

Now, I happen to agree with King George about the bugs. Yes, those dreaded "Swarm!"

Boss bugged by Joe

In his anger, frustration and disappointment over the Yankees' division series wipeout by the Indians, I'm told Steinbrenner was especially ripped at Torre for failing to pull the Yankees off the field when the bugs descended en masse on Chamberlain. And, in all probability, that'll be an issue in Tuesday's Torre postmortems.

I was really upset Torre didn't protect his players from the pesky Canadian Soldiers, but he shouldn't be fired for it. Make a decision already. Bring Joe back and then transition Mattingly in and announce it tomorrow.