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Bronx Bound (But They've Got to Do Better Than This)

Sorry for the late update, internet issues last night:

Gardner: 1-4, 16 pitches
Miranda: 1-4, solo homer, 14 pitches
Corona: 0-4, 15 pitches

That's 45 pitches in 16ABs.  

Steven White: 1.1IP 1H 4R 2BB 1HBP
Steven Jackson: 2.0IP 3H 2R 0BB
Kevin Whelan: 1.0IP 2H 2R 2BB

Details after the jump.

* White:* 1.1IP 1H 4R 2BB 1HBP
White started off well: K, flyball to right, and another K in the first inning.
He hit the first batter of the second inning, and it was all downhill from there.  A stolen base and a sac fly moved that runner all the way to third.  White walked the next batter, then threw a wild pitch to score the man from third.  That AB ended in another walk.  Up strolls the 8th place hitter and he whacks a three run homer.  No more Stevey White.

Here's the confusing part of all that:
White threw 48 pitches and only twice did a player swing and miss.  Something must have been off (mechanics out of whack, tipping pitches, just `didn't have good stuff today').

He went to a full count on 3 of the 5 batters he faced in the second inning, and the other guys walked on 4 pitches and homered, repectively.

* Jackson:* 2.0IP 3H 2R 0BB
Solo homer in his first inning of work.
In the second inning he allowed a bunt single to some guy named JR Towles, who then scored from first on a double with one out.

So I said to myself, this must be some Carl Crawford in training...
He's a catcher with the Houston system (.279/.354/.447 100 games AAA), and a likely candidate to replace Brad Ausmus.
My theory has now become that our boy Brett Gardner must have misplayed the ball out in left field.  Gameday shows the ball landing near the warning track between Gardner and centerfielder Dexter Fowler.

Jackson pitched well despite his line, facing 9 batters, retiring 6, and throwing only 29 pitches and 21 strikes (3.2 pitches/ batter).  

Whelan: 1.0IP 2H 2R 2BB
How often do we say `It's about getting ahead of the hitters'?
Whelan threw first pitch strikes to 4 batters, resulting in 3 outs and an 0-2 single up the middle.
Whelan threw first pitch balls to 3 batters, resulting in 2 walks and a line drive single.  
27 pitches, 14 strikes.