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Torre Watch: Year 4, Day 3

Bill Madden of the Daily News thinks that every passing day buys Joe Torre more time.

Madden gives us a pretty typical rundown of the candidates:

Girardi is a control freak (and I would add, more importantly, a fan of veterans and abusing young pitchers).

LaRussa's brushes with the media make him a questionable choice to follow Teflon Torre (again, I would add, more importantly his steroid enabling attittudes are among the most sickening in baseball- I'd rather hear Joe Morgan make excuses for Bonds than to listen to LaRussa make excuses for McGuire and Canseco).

In discussing LaRussa, Madden acknowledges Mattingly's inexperience.

Madden's most important point is his conclusion (I have to give you the whole thing because Billy hasn't quite figured out how to avoid the ol' sentence fragment):

In the absence of anyone who could have done better than Torre this year, or done better through all the years with the handling of the clubhouse, "nothing is forever" is a tough sell. With the fans, the media and, perhaps most of all, the old guard pending free agents, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera.

I have no doubt that Cashman has been on the phone with Arod, Mo, and Jorge and is gauging them for their opinions on Torre. Statements like the ones Mo made yesterday could save Torre's job yet...