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Bring Joe Torre back and make him a Yankee for Life!

The Boss brought Donny Baseball back to the Bronx with one thought in mind. To become the next manager of the NY Yankees. He's one of the most loved players of this generation and seems like the perfect choice to take over the team after Torre leaves. Can you think of anyone else that would have the fan support that Mattingly carries? However, it appears he's not ready to take it on yet and he's incredibly loyal to Joe.

The Yanks should extend Torre's contract a year, two, whatever and at the presser announce that Don will take over after Joe's time is up and then sign Torre to a Yankee contract for life. You can't have him go to or manage another ball club. This is Torre. He's been the face of the Yanks that have won four out of six championships and been to the playoffs every year since he's led the team in the biggest town in the world. Even if they haven't grabbed the ring since 2000, his success as a coach has him ticketed straight to Cooperstown.

It would be the smartest move all around. The fans would be grateful that Torre was treated with dignity and (who else could have gotten this team into the playoffs after a 22-29 record with a decimated pitching staff?) Donnie would be at the helm finally after more time as a bench coach.

Last year many fans wouldn't have complained too much if Torre lost his job, but most of the blame goes to Cashman and the players on this one. The Yanks don't have a #1 starter as gutty as Andy is or a bullpen. I won't even comment on how bad Jeter, Wang and Posada were in the series. And Jeter never stirs the pot so he should for once speak out for Mr. T.
And Posada should follow Rivera's lead with Pettitte jumping in. Put the screws to management.

And Bill Madden should just say he has no clue already..