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The Best Part of Monday

Free Baseball!

The best part of Monday is that there's still baseball to be played.

The Padres and the Rockies are going to play a single game to determine who will face those fighting Phillies.

I've said before that I'm rooting for the Rockies in this one because it'll bring the total number of teams to have made the playoffs in the last ten years up to 22.

While this might seem a silly reason to root against the first Little League team I ever played for, I want to remind the world that baseball enjoys more parity than football or basketball.

If figures to be a sweet game, MVP-hopeful Matt Holliday (remember him?) against Cy Young-hopeful Jake Peavy.

To make it even sweeter, this counts as a regular season game not a postseason game.
So Peavy has a shot at his 20th win and Holliday can overtake Ryan Howard for the league lead in RBIs.

Which side are you on?

For the record, if I had NL Ballots, I would vote:
1) Hanley Ramirez
2) Matt Holliday
3) David Wright


1) Jake Peavy (1.03 WHIP!)
2) Brandon Webb
3) Aaron Harang