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Goose Almost Makes Hall

Goose Gossage fell only 21 votes shy of making the Hall this time around, garnering 71.2% of the writers' votes (75% is necessary for induction).

In my humble opinion, definite HOFer. Over 1500 strikeouts and 310 career saves, ranking him 17th all time. It is some of the invidual performances that put him over the top though. He had a bad ALCS in 1980, but he had an ERA of 0.00 in three rounds of playoffs in 1981 (due to the strike), with 2 saves in the World Series. In the 1978 World Series, he also had a 0.00 ERA in 3 games pitched.

Goose had a 0.77 ERA for the 1981 season and had ERAs other seasons of 1.84, 1.62, 1.82, 2.01, and seven others under 3.00. His lifetime ERA over 22 seasons was an impressive 3.01, and he came in 3rd in MVP voting in 1981, 9th in 1982.

Goose was dominant for many years. He deserves to be in.