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Igawa Press conference

How long before we start calling him " Kay?" To be fair, we need to see him pitch, but this press conference while standard fair was pretty ridiculous.

Cashman:...we have high hopes that Kei Igawa could be  a nice complimentary player for the Yankee organization.....sooner rather than later, but understand there will be some growing pains.

Translation: Be patient while he gets bombed for a while. Cashman intimated that more things will happen before August 31st, but I hope it's not too late before he makes some other moves to bolster the staff. Right now we have only three legitimate starting pitchers; Wang, Mussina, and Pettitte. Cashman just told us that Igawa is a project and we all know in Pinstripe Alley that Pavano is a train wreck.  

Jeff Karstens and Darrell Rasner will certainly be looked at, but do those names cheer you up? And remember, Phillip Hughes is still only 20 years old and the Yanks will be asking an awful lot of him to come up in mid season and dominate the AL east so early in his young career even if all indications are that he's going to be a big time pitcher.