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David Lee is wonderful

WARNING, I'm posting about the NY Knicks. I know, who cares, right? I've been a long time Knick fan since the days of Reed and Frazier. Thomas has decimated this team, but one player has really been inspirational. Mr. David Lee. With a shortage of games to watch, I actually have been checking out some Knick games since the brawl. Call me crazy. I won't go into the problems with them much, but I had to give David Lee a shout out. He's been dynamite. And yet...Isiah has him coming off the bench.

NY Times

On a 48-minute basis, Lee averages 17 rebounds, tied for third in the league with Denver's Marcus Camby. With 3.8 offensive rebounds a game, Lee ranks second in the N.B.A., behind Chicago's Ben Wallace (3.9). Lee is the only reserve among the top 20 rebounders.

Now back to our Yankees...