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Bernie Back to Basics

The Yankees have extended to Bernie Williams the dubious honor of an invitation to Spring Training as a non-roster, non-guaranteed invitee.

Right now, there is no room for him in the Yankees' current roster plan. Things might get messy:

Williams knows that if he decides to return for what amounts to a tryout, through no fault of his own he becomes the story of spring, superseding returning hero Andy Pettitte, at least until Roger Clemens decides whether to rejoin them. But if Williams retires, he might have regrets about leaving too soon.

... Manager Joe Torre always has been a Williams fan, and while Torre may have slightly diminishing clout, his voice should still count more than the detractors, who wonder how much Williams can contribute in a limited role.
My hope is that Bernie accepts and tears it up in spring training. This will leave the Yankees no choice but to put him on the roster. Barring this scenario, perhaps there is a managerial postition available open to Williams in the organization. I love the idea of lifetime players who move through the organization in different capacities after their retirement. That kind of loyalty is sorely lacking these days. Bernie deserves more than to made redundant without any options on which to fall back.