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I've been off the PA grid for a few days as I have focused on some pressing matters. I am just stopping in because I wanted your thoughts. It has been fairly quiet on the Yankee front, but there seems to be a a nucular explosion in the front office of the Red Sox.

Todd Helton in the same outfield on the same team as J.D. Drew? That's gotta be the worst...I mean GREATEST idea Boston's ever had. Two oft injured (Helton's health has declined recently), high salaried, left handed hitters playing at Fenway. This proposed trade for Helton has some folks at Red Sox Nation scratching their heads.

[ed. note: Sorry. I kinda sped through writing this post. I realized Helton plays first and just forgot to edit myself.-Jaime R]

UPDATE: Since I don't follow the Sox nearly as closely as I do the Yankees, the Helton to Red Sox trade never really popped up on my radar. When I first saw it, I probably thought "yeah, that's a dumb idea" and brushed it off as rumor not giving it a second thought...especially with J.D. Drew in the mix. Now that THAT deal is done and they are still pursuing Helton, it's all the more baffling to me.