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More on Bernie

Bernie Williams spoke to the press again last night while attending an event in New Rochelle. He was all class, as he has always been, with his usual philosophical view of life coming through in this piece--mainly concerning whether the Yankees want him back or whether he would play for another team.

His read on Cashman seems to be that it is not looking likely that he will be back. Bernie even said he might not want to play next year no matter what:

Speaking to reporters at his Hillside Food Outreach fund-raising dinner in New Rochelle, Williams left open the possibility of playing another season, saying he feels his body has a couple more productive years left in it.

On the other hand, he said he has mixed emotions because of his family and interests outside of baseball. Most significantly, he wouldn't say if he would consider signing a nonguaranteed contract to come to spring training with the Yankees, or if he would consider signing with another team.

I hope Bernie ends his career a Yankee. While their may not be a place for him on the club, I would love to see him maybe take a few years and then come back in some form a la Mattingly.

There are just too many clutch playoff memories to not keep this guy in the organization somehow.