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Roto Authority rates AL rotations for 2007

Roto Authority has just rated their AL starting rotations for the 2007 season and they have the Yankees ranked #2 -- behind only the Boston Red Sox -- and projected to finish the season with an ERA of 3.98.

I am usually pretty optimistic in regards to the Yankees’ chances of winning another division title and beating the Red Sox again -- but this projection for their starting rotation is absolutely absurd.

I wouldn’t rate their rotation #2 in the AL if Clemens was in pinstripes right now and pitching Cy Young-caliber ball for an entire season.  Keep in mind that the projection is ONLY their starting rotation and excludes the bullpen.  

I will predict right now that if this rotation finishes the season with anything close to a 4.00 ERA (with or without Clemens), this team is going to steamroll to 100+ wins since their offense will likely score 900+ runs again this season.

I'll be sure not to buy Roto's fantasy guide if I want to win my league this season.