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Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

I've always said that "Queer Eye" and the Red Sox go together like peas and carrots or ketchup and mustard, but this ridiculous story from the Boston Globe proves the connection:

The producers of "Queer Eye" are teaming with NESN to create a reality TV show called "Sox Appeal." As explained to us yesterday by Scout Productions principal David Collins, the show sounds like MTV's mindless dating show "Next ," in which a single guy or girl takes three romantic hopefuls for a test drive before settling, or not, on one prospective sweetheart. But on "Sox Appeal," the dates take place at a Bosox game, with each wannabe getting two innings of attention. During the seventh-inning stretch, the guy or gal playing the field will decide which of the three dates he or she wants to watch the rest of the game with. "The waxing and waning of the game will affect the mood of the dates," said Collins. "We figure that'll add a little tension and drama to the blind date." Producers plan to hold casting calls this spring and tape the show over the course of eight home games.

I can't imagine the Yankees and the YES Network doing something like this at Yankee Stadium, but I will personally hunt down anyone in the Yankees hierarchy who approves such a moronic Bush League move and punch him dead in the face.

Simply ridiculous.