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Blue Jays Try And Compete

Interesting article in the New York Times about what the Toronto Blue Jays are doing to try and remain competitive with the Red Sox and Yankees in the coming year (you may remember they finished ahead of the Sox last year).

The Blue Jays have added Frank Thomas and his 39 homers and 114 RBI from last season, and think this can keep them comptetitive offensively with The Yanks and Sox.

Troy Glaus led the Blue Jays with 38 home runs last year, and Vernon Wells hit 32. Adding Thomas to those two gives the Blue Jays as potent a middle of the lineup as the league has..."From an offensive standpoint," Ricciardi said, "we think we're even with the Yankees and the Red Sox, though we're not going to match Boston's 3-4."

The worry for these Canucks is that their pitchers, and most important among them Roy Halliday, will suffer numerous injuries like they did last year. That will kill any chance they have, however small it is.

In any case, the whole thing's worth a read.