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Sheffield autobiography due out in spring

The NY Times has the scoop:

In an autobiography to be published this spring, Gary Sheffield, a player famous for voicing his displeasure, describes his relationship with Barry Bonds, his link to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative steroid distribution case and his three turbulent seasons with the Yankees that culminated with his trade to Detroit last November.

A bound proof of the autobiography, "Inside Power," was mailed to The New York Times by Crown Publishing. It does not appear to contain any bombshells, but its candor and insight into baseball's ongoing steroids controversy and its most recognizable franchise have again catapulted Sheffield into the headlines.

During his three seasons with the Yankees, Sheffield was regarded as combative and outspoken, known as much for his bat waggle as his chronic complaining about contracts. He developed a reputation as a superb clutch hitter and as someone who would play hurt. But Sheffield repeatedly found himself linked to the steroids scandal that engulfed the sport. He has said he unknowingly used a testosterone-laced cream.

"I've never touched a strength-building steroid in my life -- and never will," Sheffield said in the book. "The proof is in pictures and stats."

According to the book, after agreeing to train with Bonds in Northern California after the 2001 season, Sheffield grew tired of Bonds's uncompromising control over their workout routine. He nevertheless agreed when Bonds said he would give him "vitamins" from the Balco founder Victor Conte Jr. Sheffield said that Conte gave the vitamins to Greg Anderson, Bonds's trainer, who gave them to him.

My OVER/UNDER in regards to how many people Sheffield attacks, defames, or trashes in his so called tell-all book is 30 -- although many of you will probably take the OVER.