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What about another Lefty in the pen?

ANTHONY McCARRON of the Daily News writes:

Ideally, the Yanks would like to have two southpaws in their bullpen, but they are one short right now because Mike Myers is their only lefty reliever.

But even if they don't add another one, GM Brian Cashman sounded satisfied yesterday with the state of the Yanks' pen because of the ability of righties Luis Vizcaino, Kyle Farnsworth and Scott Proctor to retire lefthanded hitters. That may mean they won't re-sign lefty Ron Villone.
They neutralize lefthanders significantly," Cashman said of the aforementioned trio. Vizcaino, acquired from Arizona in the Randy Johnson trade, held lefties to a .163 average and a meager .288 slugging percentage in 104 at-bats last season. Lefties batted .204 with a .354 slugging percentage in 147 at-bats against Proctor and .215 with a .355 slugging percentage in 107 at-bats against Farnsworth.

Myers is a one and done lefty specialist out of the pen and I shudder at the thought of having only righties available to Torre. The Yanks have to add another left hander to the mix. They now have...
Chris Britton
Brian Bruney
Kyle Farnsworth
Mike Myers
Scott Proctor
Mariano Rivera
Luis Vizcaino
...definitely on their major league roster which makes it 12 pitchers in all. They can carry that many, but can't realistically think they do not need another lefty in the pen. Too bad Torre burned out Villone last year or he would have been a lock to come back. Mike Gonzalez is still intriguing to me. Trade possibilities anyone?