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Yanks v. O's: Game 158 - Open Thread

Chien-Ming Wang 18-6 3.57 ERA v. Kris Benson 11-11, 4.49 ERA

Yankees starting Lineup:

J Damon, CF
D Jeter, SS
B Abreu, RF
A Rodriguez, 3B
J Giambi, DH
G Sheffield, 1B
H Matsui, LF
J Posada, C
R Cano, 2B

The final move on my Fantasy Roster was to drop Kris Benson for Chien Ming Wang and it was the best move I made all season. The Yanks and Tigers are tied for the best record in the AL so a win here would be quite helpful. Sheffield made contact without his wrist shattering which is hopeful. I'm concerned he doesn't have the right protection in this lineup with the other wrist case Matsui behind him. I think teams would be more likely to throw Sheff a hittable pitch if Cano were behind him in the order.