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The Big Unit might not make it in the first round

It only gets worse. KING:

Torre all but confirmed that Mike Mussina will pitch Game 2 of the ALDS next Wednesday at Yankee Stadium (Chien-Ming Wang will start Game 1, even though that hasn't been announced), but the manager didn't know when Johnson, a 17-game winner, would be available.

Johnson, who went to Torre yesterday with the suggestion he not pitch Thursday, weren't alarmed by the development; neither was the manager. But considering who the Yankees would turn to (the ineffective Cory Lidle or neophytes Darrell Rasner and Jeff Karstens) if Johnson's back doesn't allow him to pitch in the ALDS, the club goes from the favorite to win the World Series to just another club in the eight-team tournament.

 Johnson gave an indication the problem is more than minor.

"I would rather have 12 days rest and feel good than go out there on my regular start and feel the way I do," he said.

I see the ghost of Kevin Brown creeping around now...