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Yanks v. Devil Rays: Game 153-Open Thread

Chien Ming-Wang 17-6, 3.64 ERA vs. James Shields 6-7, 4.82 ERA

Yankees Lineup:

M. Cabrera, LF
R. Cano, DH
D. Jeter, SS
J. Posada, C
G. Sheffield, 1B
B. Williams, CF
A. Guiel, RF
M. Cairo, 3B
N. Green, 2B

Sheffield is back in the lineup and playing first base which is scary. But he can't be much worse than Giambi, right? As the Yanks coast, the lineup looks vastly different with Matsui, Giambi, Damon, A-Rod, and Abreu taking the day off. Cano DHing gives him a rest as well. I'd like to see how the long absence has changed Sheff's swing. His return cound not have come at a better time with Giambino dealing with his own wrist injury.