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Hooray for Hollywood

Living and working in "Hollywood", it's part of the my daily ritual to scan 'the Trades' for any showbizzy type news. Lo and behold, some Yankee news (rather, history) pops up.

Shooting for ESPN's upcoming original limited series "The Bronx Is Burning" will begin Sept. 18 on location in Connecticut and New York. Series was adapted from Jonathan Mahler's nonfiction tome "Ladies and Gentleman, the Bronx Is Burning," about the New York Yankees' triumph over the turmoil and hysteria of 1977 Gotham, which endured the Son of Sam killings, a blackout and a bitter mayoral election.
For some reason, this link doesn't tell you John Turturro will be playing Billy Martin and Oliver Platt is George Steinbrenner. Producer team Tollin / Robbins usually does strong work and ESPN Original Entertainment gave us Playmakers which royally pissed off the NFL. I'm looking forward to this show.