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News - or should I say A-ROD Roundup

As expected after the SI piece, besides boilerplate articles on the Yanks clinching last night, most of the rest are on the A-Rod kerfuffle.

Bob Klapsich believes that even though there are some players who will never like A-Rod in the Yankee Clubhouse (read: Mussina, Jeter, Giambi), if A-Rod comes up big in October, all will be forgiven by the fans and many Yankees players. But A-Rod MUST produce in a pretty serious way:

Actually, A-Rod has one escape route from this tempest: he needs to have a sustained, monster October to win over the Yankees (including Joe Torre) and to prove to fans that he's more than the collection of stats and awards that will someday land him in the Hall of Fame.

I have to agree with Klapsich, with Reggie Jackson's ability to be despised by many teammates and loved by the fans proving that point in the past.

Meanwhile, Mike Lupica thinks that while A-Rod should shut up about how "smart" and "good looking" he is, Giambi and other Yankees who've never won it all shouldn't be questioning A-Rod's mettle:

We find out as much about Giambi the next couple of months as we do about Alex Rodriguez. Giambi couldn't beat the Yankees when he played for the A's. When he came here, he sat out the biggest game of his Yankee career, Game 5 of the 2003 World Series against the Marlins, Series at 2-all, because of a bad knee. Only Giambi knows how bad his knee was that night. Here's what Yankee fans know: Paul O'Neill would have crawled out to play a game like that, and nearly did one time, another Game 5, against the Braves in 1996.

Lupica may have somewhat of a point, but for the love of God, someone has to teach A-Rod how to give mundane quotes to reporters (Note: Watch Bull Durham like 5 times A-Rod) so he doesn't keep bringing unwanted negative attention upon himself.

Hopefully we're past all this crap and can start preparing for the second season.