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Yanks v. Jays: Game 152 - Open Thread

Sean Henn 0 - 0, 9.00 ERA V. Roy Halladay 16 - 5 3.20 ERA


M. Cabrera, LF
R. Cano, 2B
B. Abreu, RF
A. Rodriguez, 3B
H. Matsui, DH
B. Williams, CF
A. Guiel, 1B
M. Cairo, SS
W. Nieves, C

Interesting lineup for the potential clincher. Lots of starters getting a well deserved rest. Good to see Cairo back and I love Cano batting second. Everyone is waiting to see what A-Rod is going to do following the hubub of the SI article. My guess, the same old crap. Rodriguez won't ever change his demeanor, but once his "clutch" statistics equalize with his career statistics and he produces at big moments, they'll be talking about how cool under pressure he is.