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Will Sheffield ruin everything?

We all love the Melky Man, but if Gary can hit--I doubt Torre will sit him:

After hitting his third home run in a simulated game yesterday, Gary Sheffield went into his home run trot as if he'd really hit a game-winner, rounding the bases and even giving a high-five to the invisible third base coach.

Afterward, Sheffield - who hasn't played since having left wrist surgery in May - was upbeat about finally being activated from the disabled list for last night's game against the Blue Jays.

"I'm sitting here floating," Sheffield said. "I've been feeling bad for a long time and now that I can be out there helping, I'm feeling better."

Matsui is playing DH for sure, but probably left field when all is said and done. If Giambi's wrist gives him real problems the rest of the way then that would probably put Sheffield at first--DH Matsui and keep Cabrera in the lineup...I guess the rest of the season will be interesting one way or another...Poor, classy Bernie is not seeing much playing time in the post season by look of things...