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Why baseball is the Greatest Game

So the Yanks had almost blown a 7-3 lead to Toronto in the bottom of the ninth, but held on for a weird 7-6 win over Toronto getting their magic number down to three. After I ate a few chocolate chip cookies I turned on the Dodgers/Padres game.

I'm rooting for LA to win their division (I live here) and maybe face the Mets. They had just given up three runs in the top of the ninth to go down 9-5. San Diego owns Los Angeles this year winning 13 out of fifteen and they play the Dodgers like the Angels play the Bombers. I figured Trevor Hoffman would come in because it's a must game since the Padres had just leapfrogged LA into first place, but instead--in comes Jon Adkins.

Jeff Kent hits a HR

JD Drew hits a 2-1 pitch for a HR.

Hoffman finally comes in.

First pitch...

Russell Martin hits a HR, now the score is 9-8.

OK, now I'm sitting on the edge of my couch.

The next pitch...

Marlon Anderson hits a HR, the score is tied 9-9

I couldn't remember ever seeing that before and I've been watching Baseball since 1967. It was only the fourth time in Major League history a team hit four consecutive HR's, but the last time was in 1964 and I doubt any of them came with a team losing by four in the ninth.

The Dodgers have a lousy bullpen and they sent out the AL castoff Aaron Sele...Bang, Bang...SD takes the lead 10-9 going into the bottom of the tenth.

San Diego does have a good bullpen until they work deep into the game and Rudy Seanez, who was dumped by Boston comes in and walks Kenny Lofton. He looks a little shaky and the great Vin Scully is calling the game. Nomar steps up to the plate with a bad hamstring--works the count to 3-1 and then rockets a two run HR to win the game.

I know it's a bad National league, but still it was simply Amazing....