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Gary Sheffield is taking ground balls at first base, and a guy who knows the position relatively well, Donnie Baseball, has been impressed enough to express confidence in his play.

All this means that Sheffield might be back this week. And of course, he realizes it could mean an added bonus for him next year:

"He [Fred McGriff] told me this is a blessing in disguise," Sheffield said, adding that he believes it will "enhance his value" as a player - something which could prove important since he may be shopping for a new team next year if the Yanks don't exercise his $13 million option.

Mo is as antsy to come back as we are to have him back.

Finally, rookie Darrel Rasner gets his due, for pitching on short rest and going 3-0 since he came back from the DL. Joe Torre is impressed:

"I gave him all the credit in the world," Torre said. "Pitching on short rest and the way it looked like in the first couple of innings, he was able to pitch six innings. He was pretty good."