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The NY Daily News has bunch of interesting articles today.

Bill Madden discusses the unique Yankee problem of having too many good players. Will Sheff the "free swinger" hurt the Yanks who've rediscovered the glories of the high OBP? The line that sums it up best is this one by an AL scout:

"Only the Yankees," he said, "could actually weaken themselves by finding a place in their lineup for a hitter of Gary Sheffield's caliber."

Bob Raissman predicts that John Flaherty will pick up Jim Kaat's open mic space next season. Apparently O'Neill and Murcer are happy in a part-time role. Raissman also points out, Al Leiter and Michael Kay's, um, deficiencies.

Finally there is an absolutely idiotic piece by Jim Rich. Who gave this guy his cubicle and computer? Is there valid argument to be made for other's winning the MVP than Jeter. Maybe. But here's his specious argument. Jeter gets hype because he's in NY and "Jeter zealots," yes he uses that phrase, won't allow anything negative to be said about him.

Longtime Jeter zealots and recent converts are crying sacrilege every time it is suggested that the Yankee captain is not deserving of the award. The hysteria over David Ortiz's comments - "It doesn't matter how much you've done for your ballclub; the bottom line is, the guy who hits 40 homers and knocks in 100, that's the guy you know helped your team win games" - is a prime example of their misplaced belligerence.

Specifically, according to sage Rich, Jeter is not the MVP because even if he does all the little things that win now, he has for ten years. So then why hasn't he won the MVP every year? Um, ok, so every great player should win every year? Nice logic.

Then he presents the red herring about this not being Jeter's best year statistically. Does he mention his hitting almost .400 with runners in scoring position this year? No. All the injuries the Yankees endured this year and how clutch Jeter was pre-Abreu? No. Jeter's gold glove defense, obviously superior to 1999? No.

I won't waste your time with the rest. Read it if you want to observe an exercise in sheer stupidity.