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Jim Kaat's last game

He is such a class act and great announcer. He will be missed. I always love when he brings the four decades of baseball history that he has stored away in his brain to the game when he's on the air. Link

JIM Kaat's 23-year broadcasting career ends tonight with Red Sox-Yanks on Ch. 9. With his departure, New York loses much more than a calm, clear and wise voice.

We lose a noise and nonsense filter, a fellow who never tried to dazzle us, talk down to us, or leave his exclamatory stamp on any moment, let alone a telecast.  Kaat was more than an analyst, he was a conversationalist. He was the fellow who took us to games and talked baseball. He was the uncle you preferred to sit next to at Thanksgiving dinner.

We can only imagine who will replace him, but maybe we can get on the ball and help YES out.