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Gojira attacks New York

Gojira and the Yanks sweep the Tampa Bay Mothra and will soon face the the Boston MechaGodzilla. Matsui is my second favorite Yankee, as many have guessed (Jeter is of course my fave) not only because of his selfless attitude and smooth play, but because I get to talk about one of my favorite cult-y hobbies...strange Asian cinema, whenever he's at bat. Orioles fans don't get to talk about how their left fielder Ultraman hit a walk off homerun.

Anyway, back to the wrap-up: Karstens was uneven, but the offense kept on keeping on. Cano came through yet again with a clutch hit and the 40 man roster saved the bullpen for this weekend. The Yanks will be well rested when the Bosox come into town. This series has lost its importance and is just another tune up for the Bombers, but it would be fantastic they stuck it to Boston for four games. I'd bet that would begin the calls for a dismantling and an end to "The idiots" as we know them.

Tomorrow Taiwanese Chien-Ming Wang pitches. Now their films are more arty...but that's a whole other conversation.