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Bruney Rocks

I can't remember a pitcher that has come up late and looked so dominating before, can you? At this point if Joe doesn't burn him out, (I know he's young and inexperienced) but I'd take him over Proctor and Farnswoth.

It's very easy to spot good talent. I knew after 'Rod" Cano's first game that he was a keeper. The Melky Man worked his way to the point where I hate to see him lose his spot. Bruney is going to give Joe an option he hasn't had in a long time.

IP 12.2 7H 1R 1HR 5BB 18SO 0.71ERA

That's not a lot of innings, but his fast ball is electric and that's something you can't teach. Torre said he's "good" wild. Kaat pointed out that it was a numbers game which made Arizona release him after he came back from an injury, but Cashman gets the high fives for scooping him up.